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Event Details:

5th Annual Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream Jog ‘n Hog
July 17, 2016
Race Begins: 8:30 AM
Shady Brook Farm, Yardley, PA


The third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day. Some people celebrate by going to the local ice cream stand and maybe getting a free one-scoop cone. Here at Jog ‘n Hog, we’ve supersized the celebration. Coming back for its fifth installment, the Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream Jog ‘n Hog will take place on Sunday July 17, 2016. Over the past 4 years we have served over 200 gallons of Uncle Dave’s finest vanilla ice cream, which comes out to over 1.3 million calories!

What’s this all about? Check out this video to get an idea.

New in 2016! Tag Teams

This year’s race features a new Tag Team Division. People who sign up for this option split the duties – one team member handles the running while his or her partner waits in the eating area and serves as the DE – designated eater.


$30 – Half Hogger – Individual
$32 – Whole Hogger – Individual
$55 – Half Hog Tag Team – one runner, one eater
$59 – Whole Hog Tag Team – one runner, one eater

$35 – Half Hogger – Individual runner
$37 – Whole Hogger – Individual runner
$65 – Half Hog Tag Team – one runner, one eater
$69 – Whole Hog Tag Team – one runner, one eater

May to July 12
$40 – Half Hogger – Individual
$42 – Whole Hogger – Individual
$75 – Half Hog Tag Team – one runner, one eater
$79 – Whole Hog Tag Team – one runner, one eater

**Sorry, there is no race day registration because we need an accurate count ahead of time to order the right amount of food.

***Packet Pickup Info***

1.  Saturday, July 16 at Shady Brook Farm, 11am to 2pm.
2.  Sunday morning, starting at 7:30am. Race begins at 8:30am

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What You Get

1.  Jog ‘n Hog racing bib (may use later to wipe any ice cream drippage).
3.  One QUART of vanilla ice cream for Whole Hoggers, one PINT for Half Hoggers.
4.  An awesome t-shirt to declare your gastronomical fitness powers (forfeited if not picked up by race day).
5.  The opportunity to show off your craziness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter . . .

Event FAQS

How long of a run is it?

Just about 3.1 miles, or 5k. Eating happens at the halfway point. Click here for a course map.

Can I bring my dog?

No, per Shady Brook Farm policy there are no dogs allowed on their property.

Can I run with a jogging stroller?

Yes, we just ask that you start towards the back of the crowd. It will also be more of a challenge since you will be running on dirt/gravel farm roads.

Is the ice cream gluten free?


Do you offer a non-dairy option?

Sorry we do not.

Whole Hog or Half Hog?

The gastrointestinally brave can register in the “Whole Hogger Division,” which involves eating one quart of ice cream at the race’s halfway point. Those who are less confident in their eating ability can register in the “Half Hogger Division,” which involves eating one pint of ice cream.  

Course Details

This is an out and back course.  This race will be held entirely on the Shady Brook Farm property and participants will be running on dirt/gravel roads.  Eating will take place in the parking lot in front of the farm store.

Have more questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, for more answers to your questions.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Race
Calories 1680
Total Fat 112g
Saturated Fat 72g
Total Carbohydrate 144g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 120g
Protein 24g